Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

The rules for chat are...                                                                              
1. No bad language
2. No personal info e.g street name phone no. etc.
3. Mainly talking about Moshi
4. Always follow the mods or owner instruction

Moderator rules

1. Do NOT ban someone for no reason.
2. Only make guests MEMBERS, NOT moderators.
3. If someone’s doing something bad, kick him/her as an warning.
 If they don’t stop, ban them.
4. Follow the regular rules.
5. Be on this Chat quite a lot
6. don't unban without Lexibeeawesomness123 or xydash's permission!


If they do one bad thing kick them then ban if they do it again!
Swearing = 6 hour ban
Flooding/ spamming =  1 hour ban
Racism = 6 hour ban
Arguing = 2 hour ban
Pretending to be someone else = 24 hour ban
Threatening = 7 hour ban
To be a member be a good friend of mine and don't ask to be one
To be a mod I will see if your beahavior is good enough to be a mod!