Secret Codes

Here are some Item Codes: 

18 Karat Shiny Parrot: N8AD6679T7CY 
200 free rox:READERBONUS6
50 free rox: WHSMITH (expired?) 
Animated Dance Floor: PUZZLEPALACE 
Balloon Launcher: MTVTJHBEWH24 
Black Pearl of Potion Ocean: JKYDPD7XCTDR 
Blobert: moshimoshi11 
Cheeky Gargoyle: RASPBERRY 
Confetti Rocket: profpurplex6 
Dustbin Beaver Poster: giftisland23 
Fizzbang Poster: DEMONSTA 
Flaming Sword of Awesomeness: 9mt4gmc4nm4y
Fun Flowers: fangtastic 
GB Eye Monster Poster: DJQUACK2 
Glumpcake Wallpaper: ADVENTURE 
Goblet of Goosebump Gulch: r7ckafnjdpgu 
Hamsterball: moshlingzoo1 
Haunted Diamond Tiara: 33r3hdhd8t6y 
I.G.G.Y Champ Poster: RANCH 
Lavaflow Floor: sludgestreet 
Liberty Poster: ONEWORLD 
Lost Marbles of Eggleton: 6gw7areyh49u 
Monstro City Map: monstrocity1 
Moshling Collector Chart (Poster): allmoshlings 
Mr Juggles: moshifunpark 
R2 Trashcan: gingersnap11 
Rainbow Maker: googenhime22 (It is spelt with 'hime' and not 'heim') 
Shakesfear Bust: BARDBRAIN 
Shimmery Snaggletooth Sapphire: x4d8u834e3xf 
Snail Fossil:DAILYGROWL74 
Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser:
Squishy Stool: monsters 
Switchy Tyre Ring: NAY76767 
Telegroan Booth: RINGRING 
Top Trumps Poster: amphisbaenae
Turbo Top Toy:
Wiggly Wallpaper: port


Furi Trophy: GOLDENFURI 
Luvli Trophy: PIEBIKE8 Or PIEBIKE10
Katsuma Trophy: MOSHI33
Diavlo Trophy: SHOTPUT
250 Rox: GLAMROX8
Spam Burger: ECTO

About Secret Codes:

Monday Mystery Codes
: Solve a puzzle in the Daily Growl each Monday and get a code you can redeem for a free item. The code is only valid for four days! 

Limited Edition Codes can be found with many Moshi Monsters related items available for purchase. You can get two codes in every issue of the Moshi Monsters Magazine, one on the back of every Moshi Monsters Mash Up Trading Card Game map card and just general things to do with Moshi Monsters, such as Moshi Monsters books, trading cards, gift packs and toys. Limited Edition codes are unique, meaning they can only be used once. 

MoPod Codes can be found with MoPod Cell Phone Charms that contain a Moshi Monster that flashes and spins when a call or text comes in. Each MoPod comes with a unique 'unlock' code that gives you exclusive access to the virtual world where Moshi Monsters live and play. MoPod codes are unique, meaning they can only be used once. 

Virtual Item Codes can only be used once by each member. Moshi Monsters gives Virtual Item Codes out in various ways, usually as prizes. Some Virtual Item Codes are available to all members, but some are unique and can only be used by one member. 

Arby's Codes are the same for everyone but can only be used once by each member. Arby's is a fast food restaurant in the US. It gave out cards with codes on which could be used to claim exclusive Moshi Monster items for your room. At this time, Arby's is not giving out cards, but the codes previously given out may still be used.
Twistmas is a tradition of hiding twelve Twistmas items around Monstro City in various shops for the 12 Days of Twistmas in December. Clues for the daily Twistmas present will be given in the Daily Growl. This year (2012) there will also be secret codes for free gifts for all new Twistmas stuff! You get the secret code for the free gift each day at The codes will expire after December 25th.(STARTS IN DECEMBER)


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