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Here is LexiBeeAwesomness123′s Support Tips.
There are many AWESOME ways to be an AWESOME fan and support my website like:

  • Tell Your Friends About This Site At School, and On Moshi   (Just By Telling Your Friends Will Get Us Much More Site Views!!)
  • Subscribe Us, To Subscribe, (Just By Subscribing This Site, You Will Get An Email, Each Time We Update The Site With A New Post!!!)
  • Add This Site To Your Bookmarks   (If You Add This Site To Your Bookmarks/Favorites, You Will Remember What The Site Link Is!
  • Visit Our Site At Least Once A Day, And Add Many Comments!!
  • Send In An Email To: MMWITHLBA123@YMAIL.COM To Give Us Ideas And How To Improve The Site!

Also You May Have Many More Ideas On How To Support The Site,So If They Are AWESOME Ideas Then Go Ahead And Try Them Out PLEASE

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