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Hi this is my little Moshi Blog called:  Moshi Monsters with Lexbeeawesomness123,but this part is about ME!

Hi im Lexibeeawesomness123,
I’m the owner and author of Moshi Monsters With Lexbeeawesomness123! Which I think is the MOST awesomeness blog EVER!!! I have been posting Moshi News  and everything else for a while now and am so excited that I have my own blog that's of course all about Moshi Monsters!!
About  me:
I have been playing moshi monster’s since 2010 but I made multiple accounts. My account name is Lexibeeawesomness123. I have a katsuma named Cherry. 

Here is a pic:

Here is a pic of my room: 

My Profile:

Moshi Medals:

I have over 250 moshi friends, I am L list (hope to get to A one day), and have almost 200 room visits. I am a girl, I am 11 years old,I was born March 13th, and I live in the United States.I also have a youtube channel called lexi101112m13 ( My old Account Name), I post videos on mostly everything I do on Moshi and other stuff. I also have a Moshi Links. You can see links to these and other stuff below!!! Well, that’s just about everything you need to know about me. If you need anything just ask and PLZ do!!! 

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