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Daily Growl On Moshi Monsters

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on March 25, 2012

Ruby Scribblez here and I am so EXCITED to share with you my OFFICIAL Zack Binspin interview (thanks for your help with the questions)! I got to interview him all the way over in the lobby of the Sandy Drain Hotel. It was lovely to see Zack again and the PERFECTexcuse to get closer to my favourite heart-throb! I hope you LOVE the interview!

Ruby: This question comes from winniethepooh4719. What do you think of getting a hair cut?

Zack: Well my hair is a bit too long, but fashion is fashion. Besides, all those Binspin-maniacs out there just love copying it. What do you think Ruby? Wanna run your fingers through it?

Ruby: I think your lovely long hair simply suits you, Zack! Speaking of your hair, the next question comes from jellymange44. What’s your secret to having such lovely hair?

Zack: No conditioner, lots of goo and plenty of brushing with my fishbone comb!

Ruby: This next question might just stir up some controversy. It was sent in by rheaswain11. Many people compare you to another very famous Moptop Tweenybop. What are your thoughts on this comparison?

Zack: I love my fellow Tweenybops but there’s only room for one new lid on the block. Besides, I think he copied my hairdo – I was rocking this look way back when I was singing backing vocals in his band.

Ruby: You sure were! I remember seeing that haircut the first time I ever wrote about you for Shrillboard Magazine. Regigigas09 would like to know, Why do you like bins so much?

Zack: Bins? I don’t just like ‘em, I live in one and it’s really funky! Snuggling in the grime is where it’s at. You should try it!

Ruby: I could definitely go for that! I already know the answer to this one, but flump07 has a great question. Is your hair a wig?

Zack: No way! They don’t make wigs this cool! If I wore a wig do you really think I’d pick one that gets in my eyes so much!?

Ruby: Most certainly not! Speaking of wigs, the final question was sent in by sasa92351. How is it working with Simon Growl and his hair?

Zack: Simon is great and I just love the way he wears his pants so high. It’s real quirky! But I think his wiggy thing is jealous of my gorgeous hairdo – well it keeps snarling at me!

Wow, what an incredible interview! I sure wish I could have made an excuse to hang out with Zack a bit longer. What did you think of it? If YOU could ask Zack ANYquestion, what would it be? Comment on THIS blog with your ideas, and a few of you will get some Random Rox.

Keep on Roxin'... and pre-ordering the Moshi Monsters Music Rox! album. Let's get it to NUMBER ONE!

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