Saturday, April 14, 2012

Competition Time!

Hey guys, Xydash & LexiBeeAwesomness123 here!

Me and LexiBeeAwesomeness123 are going to give you a competition!

You will need:
1. An E-mail
2. A good moshi brain
3. A Moshi Monsters account
4. A patient mind ( We may be long to answer your answer!)

Yes you will need a parent or guardian to enter with Email!   
Leave your owner name behind so we can give prizes, any not named monsters will be deleted!
Call the subject Competition!
The Questions are...

1. What is the URL for moshi (obvious)
2. What places can members ONLY go on moshi?
3. What is the game in the candy caves?
4. What is the URL for moshi me?
5. Are there games on this website?
6. What is the "IKEA" called on moshi? BONUS

email to (or or

The contest will end on May 23rd winners on May 24th

All entry's will be put in a hat.

 1st prize is A chance to get a job on Lexi's or Xydash's Moshi Site or even both if you can handle it!

2nd Prize is To get to be the Xydash's Moshi Site friend of the week!

3rd Prize is 2 gifts from Lexi and Xydash!

-Xydash & LexiBeeAwesomness123

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