Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daily Growl On Moshi Monsters

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Roary Scrawl
on May 17, 2012

Attention all Super Moshis - Zoshling activity has been detected at the UFO crash site. Head there straight away to help find the ignition key to Captain Squirk's ship! But watch out… The Gombala Gombala Jungle has lots of surprises…

Get the recipe book by completing the Hoodoo Pongoo challenge and then track down all the ingredients for Gordon Ranty's recipe for Hot Hoodoo Stew. You'll need Fried Oobla Doobla, Creepy Crawlies, Coconut Shells, and more! Originally brewed to unite splintered Hoodoo tribes, Hot Hoodoo Stew has been carefully crafted over many centuries.

If you're not already a Super Moshi and you'd like to bungle in the jungle, just click the Super Moshi badge below to become a Moshi Member so you can get started!

Comment on THIS blog and tell me what you think of the brand new Moshling, Woolly, and a few of you will get some Random Rox. Yesterday's Random Rox recipients are crayon911aaron90001, and scorpiocally.

Keep your eyes at hand...

Roary Scrawl

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