Friday, July 13, 2012

Daily Growl On Moshi Monsters

Posted by 
Roary Scrawl
on July 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th, an unlucky day if there ever was one. Luckily we have the EXTREME luck of the Luckies Moshlings. Except for O'Really the Unlucky Larrikin, who isn't really lucky at all. I think the other Luckies make up for it though, don't you?

Can you match the Luckies Moshlings to their likes and dislikes? If you want, you can even PRINT the puzzle and write in the answers. Comment on THIS blog and tell me which letters go where, and a few of you will get some Random Rox. Yesterday's Random Rox recipients are puppet6620deadtrap5201, and showmethefluff.

Keep your eyes at hand...

Roary Scrawl

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