Saturday, May 19, 2012


Okay This Is LexiBeeAwesomness123, Great News LBA Is Having A Contest To Be An Author On My Blog!!!

It's Really Simple All U Have To Do Is Make The Most Comments On My Blog And U Get The Job, But There Are 3 Rewards Listed Below:

1st~ Author Job

2nd~ Superstar For July

3rd~ 3 Gifts From LexiBeeAwesomness123

Let's Not Stop There! There Is Really 2 Contest And U Can Enter Both!!!

Well If U Send In Ur Fan Art To I Will Feature It On My Blog For A Month
Here Are The Other Prizes:

1~ Your Drawing Will Be Featured On My Blog
2~ You Get To Be A Poll Director (Meaning U Make The Polls)
3~ 3 Gifts From LexiBeeAwesomness123

Note: You May Enter Both Contest,But If Ur One Of The Winners U May Trade With Another Winner If U Don't Like Ur Prize If They Agree To Trade

Both Contest End June 5th

Let The Contest Begin!!!!! :D

*Also Make Sure To Like LBA's Facebook Page PLEASE!!!

Peace Out!

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