Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Growl On Moshi Monsters

Posted by 
Roary Scrawl
on July 4, 2012

Our American friends are celebrating Independence Day today. In honour of the 4th of July, Tyra and I are barbecuing! This means that we'll need lots of extra sauce for all our guests to eat.

Mystery surrounds A Sauce of Course, and for good reason. Nobody knows what's in it! In an attempt to figure it out, Tamara Tesla did an experiment and now her sauce bottles have multiplied! Can you count how many bottles of sauce are in her EXTREME puzzle?

Comment on THIS blog with the correct amount of sauces (and your thoughts on its secret ingredient) and a few of you will get some Random Rox. Yesterday's Random Rox recipients are tickels636zarafah, and louis2004.

Keep your eyes at hand...

Roary Scrawl

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