Monday, May 21, 2012

Daily Growl On Moshi Monsters

Posted by 
Roary Scrawl
on May 21, 2012

Made of only the finest arms straight from the 100% organic Bicep Barn, the Arm Chair is perhaps the sturdiest chair in all of Monstro City. Plus it goes GREAT with the Foot Table. If you can solve the puzzle below you'll find a SECRET CODE for a FREE Arm Chair!

If you could design a NEW piece of furniture to go with the Arm Chair and Foot Table, what would it be? Comment on THIS blog with your ideas and a few of you will get some Random Rox! Friday's Random Rox recipients are eyebrowsdonnellybonesy7, andmushroomhair. Saturday's Random Rox recipients are bananna33silverflame621, andigster828. Sunday's Random Rox recipients are cutie-cloverblingorox4ever, andcharleykool.

Keep your eyes at hand...

Roary Scrawl

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